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Bpost has entrusted DJM Digital with the creation of an application that allows its users to send a personalised postcard directly from their smartphone.

Since its launch in 2011, 800 000 postcards have been printed and sent out every year.


Bpost is a leading postal operator in Belgium, with a unique and integrated network for domestic mail and parcels. In addition to its distribution mission, Bpost is an important player in Belgian society, offering a range of innovative solutions for the Belgians, particularly in terms of financing.

This is why Bpost wanted to develop a fun and unique digital application for its users, which combines both the postal service and digital technology.

DJM Digital was chosen to develop this powerful tool, which allows users to send personalised postcards easily, directly from a smartphone.


Intended for a large audience, the application should be able to be easily used by everyone. A simple and clear mechanism, therefore, had to be put in place.

A reliable, integrated, and efficient payment system had to be created.

Finally, the application had to relay the collected information to the entire supply chain, from the printing of postcards to their dispatch, within the quickest possible time.


DJM Digital took care of the entire application process, from technical development to design, integration in the application store (Mac and Android) to managing the collection of information by the various service providers (print and post service).

The first version of the application was launched in 2011. Building on its success, it was then revamped in 2018. The new version has improved the user experience through designs that are even more visually appealing and intuitive.

Now, a video message can be added to the card, readable via a QR-code printed on it and which the recipient can scan.



The user downloads the Bpost Mobile Card application.


They can compose a postcard using the photos taken with their smartphone


They can choose a layout, select one or more photos, crop them and even add effects.


They can also include a link to a video message that they have previously recorded.

App bpost Mobile Postcard

They can also add a personal message which will be printed on the back of the card.


The app determines the recipient (s) of the card and allows them to store it for reuse.


They make the payment or buy several credits (which reduces the cost per unit).


In the end, the cards are sent out by post and the recipient (s) finds it a few days later (or on a date chosen by the sender) in their mailbox.

App bpost Mobile Postcard
Carte postale

The results

  • 800,000 postcards sent per year,
  • Number of application downloads: more than 200 000,
  • Bpost Mobile Postcard is in the top 5 of the best Test-Achats applications and in the top 100 of the most downloaded applications in Belgium,
  • This application conveys a positive image of Bpost services while bringing it closer to its customers and being at the cutting edge of technology.
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