Fifty years ago, the company Dufrais was created when the youngest of the Detry d’Aubel brothers joined the family business and developed a new concept of selling fresh meat products to the consumer. At that time, the concept of integrating traditional butcher shops in large retail outlets was a real success.

Site web Dufrais

No more queuing up at the shop’s counter, your freshly prepared meat is waiting for you!

Over the years, the company has continued to expand in more and more commercial areas. Today, Dufrais S.A is a key player in the sale of cut, cooked, prepared and roasted meat products across Wallonia.

In 2016, DJM took care of developing the new Dufrais website, with a personalised design, a simple and efficient administration interface, and a website that runs like a clock. But we did not stop there. In order to offer a service that will make life easier for the user and Dufrais, we have developed a complete pre-order module, which allows the user to place their order online, and pick it up from their nearest Dufrais point of sale(supermarket).

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