Escape 60′ Chrono


Escape 60 ’Chrono is a brand-new Escape Game located in Waterloo. Are you ready to put on your detective hat? 3 puzzle rooms await you for 3 themes that are just as mysterious as each other. You have 60 minutes to escape from one of the mystery rooms designed by Chantal, the instigator of this beautiful family project.

Site web Escape 60 Chrono

60 minutes of mystery

DJM Digital was responsible for developing an e-commerce website for Escape 60 ’Chrono that immerses the participants in an intriguing and mysterious universe. Users can choose from 3 puzzles, each with specific time slots. Once the puzzle has been chosen, all they have to do is book and pay online! Escape 60 ’Chrono also offers gift boxes to delight those who love these kinds of adventures.

After the website was published, we also set up a Google Ads campaign to boost the visibility of this brand’s latest business activity. After a few weeks of campaigning, Escape 60 ’Chrono registered dozens of reservations and has even decided to open on Sundays to meet the demand of its many customers.

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