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In the search for emerging digital solutions, the Belgian telecom giant, Proximus, contacted us with the aim of implementing an innovative solution that’s easy to access and affordable for their business customers. The goal? Create, develop and optimise the online presence of businesses and freelancers in Belgium.

To do this, Proximus needed an agile, flexible and solution-rich partner to implement their signature product of tomorrow: Bizz Online.


  • A team of digital experts available at the customer’s service
  • Hyper-personalised follow-up and assistance
  • A powerful, responsive and high-traffic website
  • An exclusive partnership in Europe with Google
  • A Google My Business listing
  • Presence in Belgian digital directories
  • Targeted online advertising for your business
  • A booking and reservation management system


To implement this solution, DJM Digital opened a department in Liège dedicated to Proximus. With a team of technicians, designers, developers and project managers, they spent all their time setting up and developing the project.

Our mission

To provide full support to the client. Freelancers and small businesses do not have time to work on their communication strategies and do not always know how to go about it. We believe everyone’s business is our business. Our clients can make more profits if they focus on their own business activities rather than spend their time on other projects. With Bizz Online, we take care of it for them.

To highlight a hyper-personalised service. No more long queues in call centres! With Bizz Online, you will have your dedicated project manager at your disposal! Would you like to contact him? You can easily contact your project manager by sending an email, live chat, or phone any day of the week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Need advice? Want to modify something on your website? Our project manager is always there to help you.

Romane Gerin, kiné sportive

“When you start your career as a newbie freelancer, you have to make yourself known. So it’s true that a website is still a big plus.”

Roxane Gerin

Saar Vangeel, GreenKit

“Eco-friendly products for children? No problem. That’s why I’m helping future parents!”

Would you like to create a professional website?

Let Bizz Online take care of this task for you!

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