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After creating a mobile application for fans of the Liège football club, DJM Digital went a step further for Standard. Today, a dozen digital solutions have allowed the Rouches community to live a unique experience and feel as close to their favourite team as possible.


Standard Liège is one of the biggest Belgian football clubs. It has lots of loyal fans.

In order to allow the fans to get to know it better and offer them a unique experience, Standard asked DJM Digital to work on a series of applications for the fans of the club.


DJM Digital wanted to create a truly interactive experience to support the app, beyond offering informative content.

  • Develop the community,
  • Better understand their expectations,
  • Keep the club’s current fans.


DJM Digital has developed the Standard App. It allows supporters to interact with their club like never before. They can:

  • Get all the live information about the match history: goals, substitutions and red cards,
  • Analyse the composition of the teams, the categories and browse the meeting agenda,
  • Evaluate the meeting and vote for the man of the match,
  • Predict the outcome of the matches and select the scorers to gain the maximum number of points and win prizes.

The success of this first collaboration gave rise to further tools. This is how DJM Digital has developed a dozen digital platforms for Standard.

Site business du Standard de Liège

Standard Liège business website

In addition to the “general public” website, DJM Digital has developed a specific website for players in the professional world.

The website allows them to discover the news and incentives for club partners, such as VIP seating, access to the business area, brand visibility solutions, accommodation rental for an event, etc.

Standard Business App

By downloading this social networking application, members of the business area who join Standard discover the exclusive club news. They can also exchange messages with other subscribers and thus develop their network.

Standard App Business

Standard Club Card

The Standard Club Card is a “cashless” payment system. This card definitively replaces the tokens previously used to pay for drinks at the bar. You just need to top it up with credits using the terminals at the stadium or the online platform.

Coca Cola Business League

In order to enhance the Standard’s business space, two connected kickers have been installed. These have sensors that count the goals scored by the participants. The scores are projected live in the business area and on the Standard Business application.

Standard Liège fans website

In order to bring together all the Standard’s digital tools, DJM Digital has completely revised its website. As it’s now completely responsive, it is easier to read, has various functions and guarantees the optimal integration of all the club’s digital applications.

Site web du Standard de Liège

The creation of Standard SSO account

In view of the multiplication of digital applications and tools developed for the Standard, DJM Digital has implemented an SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication system. This allows users to log in to all platforms using a single account linked to their phone number.


During Standard matches, the Selfez-Voo tool is available on the Standard App. It allows the supporter of Standard to take a photo during the match and see it appear live in the stadium. DJM Digital is responsible for retrieving the files and displaying a selection on the Standard’s large screen, the surrounding area and social networks.

Site web du Standard Fanshop

The Standard fanshop

The fanshop developed by DJM Digital offers supporters of Rouches the opportunity to buy clothing and accessories in the colours of the Standard. Beyond the creation of this e-commerce platform, DJM Digital provides daily order reporting and product promotion (e-mailing campaigns, banners, etc.)

Standard Travel

DJM Digital has designed and developed the Standard Travel website, a club initiative to provide the fans with personalised travel services.

The fans benefit from promotions on certain destinations which they can book online.

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