Total Auto Care


DJM Digital has developed an online platform for motorists that allows them to manage the maintenance of their vehicle. This is an initiative of the company, Total, to build customer loyalty and increase the sale of its engine oils.


The company, Total, launched the Total Auto Care service, a partnership with a network of independent mechanics. To make this service practical and accessible, Total asked DJM Digital to develop a platform that allows motorists to schedule maintenance of their vehicle easily and at the garage of their choice.


In order to offer added value compared to the websites of branded dealers, DJM Digital had to create a practical platform, which facilitates making appointments in the garage and which centralises vehicle information.


With its simple and ergonomic design, the Total Auto Care platform developed by DJM Digital meets the brand’s objectives.

The motorist registers their vehicle and has all the necessary information in one place. They can also set up an appointment for the servicing of their vehicle to be done at the garage of their choice. In addition, they know beforehand the price they will have to pay for this service. All this information is stored online. Once the servicing of the vehicle has been carried out, the motorist is eligible for free breakdown assistance.



The user registers the vehicle, and their data is stored in one single place.

Total Auto Care - Ajouter ma voiture

The user searches for a garage of their choice and registers their details.

Total Auto Care - Ajouter mon garage

The user makes an appointment in the chosen garage and lists the required services.

Total Auto Care - Prendre rendez-vous

The user receives the appointment confirmation and the price quote.


The user can store the car’s service history in the maintenance logbook.


After servicing the car at the Total Auto Care centre, the car owner will be covered by free breakdown assistance.

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