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The idea of strengthening family ties is what started this digital project. After discovering the achievements of DJM Digital, Tribu News entrusted us with its latest project: to develop an application using cutting edge technology.


  • Creating a web-based family album that unites generations,
  • Present a more ergonomic and accessible solution


  • Develop a simple, intuitive and accessible mobile app for everyone,
  • Diversify access to newspaper creation by developing additional digital support,
  • Make connections between the mobile application and the website.
    Examples: link to the customer account, logging changes in real-time (web / mobile synchronisation, etc.).


Creation of a local application available on iOS and Android which:

  • Facilitates the import of photos.
    How? By accessing the smartphone’s photo gallery or the photo gallery of users’ Facebook and Instagram accounts directly from the app.
  • Allows them to personalise the newspaper wherever possible.
    How? By offering different page formats with multiple text and photo orientations.



The user downloads the Tribu News application,


The user signs up, creates an account and invites other members to Tribu,


Each member contributes to the personalisation of the newspaper by adding their photos and content,


Tribu validates the newspaper before the end of the current month,


Tribu News prints and sends the newspaper to the designated person.

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