E-commerce is a new distribution channel for your business. A whole new world opens up to you, with a door that provides direct access to thousands of users who are just one click away from you and your business. To take advantage of this incredible tool that is the web, DJM digital puts its many years of experience at your disposal so you can carry out all your e-commerce projects.

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As a result of the development of the Internet and the increase in network access, online sales are growing exponentially. E-commerce attracts countless economic players and is an investment with high added value. But how do you reach all those prospects who are just a click away from you? By surrounding yourself with specialists. We rely on a team of web developers who are specialised in various CMS (including WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop), programming languages and frameworks (such as PHP, C #, Javascript, React., Angular, Zend and even ASP.NET CORE). We are also surrounded by designers, marketers and project managers who are experts in online sales.



The web is full of intricacies that many people don’t know about when it comes to selling their products or services online. Our 20 years of experience in e-commerce allows us to provide you with the necessary support for the smooth running of your project. Internet users will be drawn to your website within seconds. A single glance at your web page should convince them that your website, i.e. your business, is perfectly credible. Our role? To help you use the web as a distribution channel to achieve results. Combined with a strong digital strategy, powerful e-commerce will allow you to make the most of online sales.



To clarify the web’s technical language, we will happily answer all your questions and try our best to clear up any possible grey areas that relate to the functionality of the domain. Your project will take place transparently, from our first meeting to the launch of your e-commerce website. Our objective is and will always be to guide you throughout the process in order to comply with web standards and current trends. We are fully aware of the competition that characterises this growing market and we want to give you all the keys to a successful website and an excellent return on investment.

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E-commerce offers you incredible sales opportunities. DJM helps you take advantage of the web to attract prospects and build customer loyalty.

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